Prefix class for maintaining unique indexes to +relations, a subclass of +index. Accepts an optional argument for a +Hook attribute. See also Database.
(rel nr (+Need +Key +Number))  # Mandatory, unique Customer/Supplier number
(key ['cnt ['var]]) -> sym
Returns the next character from standard input as a single-character transient symbol. The console is set to raw mode. While waiting for a key press, a poll(2) system call is executed for all file descriptors and timers in the VAL of the global variable *Run. If cnt is non-NIL, that amount of milliseconds is waited maximally, and NIL is returned upon timeout. Otherwise, the remaining milliseconds are optionally stored in var. See also raw and wait.
: (key)           # Wait for a key
-> "a"            # 'a' pressed
(kids) -> lst
Returns a list of process IDs of all running child processes. See also fork, detach, pipe, tell, proc and kill.
: (unless (fork) (wait 60000) (bye))
-> NIL
: (unless (fork) (wait 60000) (bye))
-> NIL

: (proc 'pil)
 2205 22853 19:45:24  1336  0.1 -      /usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l /usr/bin/pil +
 2266  2205 19:45:30  1336  0.0 -        /usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l /usr/bin/pil +
 2300  2205 19:45:33  1336  0.0 -        /usr/bin/picolisp /usr/lib/picolisp/lib.l /usr/bin/pil +
-> T

: (kids)
-> (2300 2266)
(kill 'pid ['cnt]) -> flg
Sends a signal with the signal number cnt (or SIGTERM if cnt is not given) to the process with the ID pid. Returns T if successful.
: (kill *Pid 20)                                # Stop current process

[2]+  Stopped               pil +               # Unix shell
$ fg                                            # Job control: Foreground
pil +
-> T                                            # 'kill' was successful