(yield 'any ['any2]) -> any
Transfers control from the current coroutine back to the caller (when the any2 tag is not given), or to some other coroutine (specified by any2) to continue execution at the point where that coroutine had called yield before. In the first case, the value any will be returned from the corresponding co call, in the second case it will be the return value of that yield call. See also stack, catch and throw.
: (co "rt1"                            # Start first routine
   (msg (yield 1) " in rt1 from rt2")  # Return '1', wait for value from "rt2"
   7 )                                 # Then return '7'
-> 1

: (co "rt2"                            # Start second routine
   (yield 2 "rt1") )                   # Send '2' to "rt1"
2 in rt1 from rt2
-> 7
(yoke 'any ..) -> any
Inserts one or several new elements any in front of the list in the current make environment. yoke returns the last inserted argument. See also link, chain and made.
: (make (link 2 3) (yoke 1) (link 4))
-> (1 2 3 4)