PicoLisp Download

If you like to get some hands-on experience with PicoLisp, you can download the latest version here. It should compile and run on many 64-bit POSIX systems.

If you are using a Linux of the Debian family (like Ubuntu or Mint), you can also simply install it globally with

   $ sudo apt-get install picolisp

PicoLisp is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under the conditions of the MIT/X11 License (see COPYING). Commercial support -- mentoring, consulting, training, development -- is available upon request.

Please take a look at the Documentation page on picolisp.com.

For a local installation, download

or - even better - the rolling release at pil21.tgz which is usually more up to date (see changes in the ChangeLog.

Then follow the instructions in the INSTALL file.

In additition to the basic tutorial doc/tut.html in this distribution, there are more tutorials - together with source files - in a separate tarball (tut.tgz).

The PicoLisp Home Page at home.picolisp.com holds further articles, examples and documentation. The site is powered by PicoLisp, its sources are available at wiki.tgz.

Any feedback is welcome! Many concepts in the PicoLisp system are not well documented yet, and might not be obvious to a traditional Lisp programmer. So please don't hesitate to ask, and join our discussion in the PicoLisp Mailing List, the IRC #picolisp channel on libera.chat, or the #picolisp:7fach.de Matrix room!

@abu:7fach.de is my Matrix ID.

See also the Mail Archive and the IRC-Logger.

Please enjoy :-)

(c) Software Lab. Alexander Burger