Prefix class controlling the maxlength attribute of the generated HTML input field, used to set a maximum limit of how many characters may be entered into the field.

    (gui '(+Limit +TextField) 10 15)
A +LinesField maps text to a list of strings. +LinesField is typically used as a textarea, i.e. created by passing two dimensions as arguments:

    (gui '(+LinesField) 10 4)
Text entered in the textarea will be split in a list of string, using newline as a delimiter: "I am a row of text
and I am a second row of text" -> ("I am a row of text" "and I am a second row of text") See also +TextField. and input fields.
A +ListTextField maps text to a list of strings. Normally used as a single line text field and takes a list of delimiters as argument:

    (gui '(+SetEAdr +E/R +ListTextField) '(to : home obj) '(", " "," " ") 60)
The example above creates a text field connected to the 'to' property of the current object. Entering e-mail addresses in this field, separated by a comma followed by a space, just a comma or just a space will map the addresses to a list: "foo@domain.com, bar@domain.com baz@domain.com" --> ("foo@domain.com" "bar@domain.com" "baz@domain.com") See also gui, +TextField and input fields.
Prefix class that unconditionally locks a GUI element. This class takes no arguments.

    (gui '(+Lock +TextField) 30)
See also +Able.
Prefix class, converts to lower case.

    "Lower case" (gui '(+Lowc +TextField) 30)
See also +Uppc.