Handles e-mail addresses, creates "mailto:"- links.

    ,"EMail" (gui '(+E/R +MailField) '(em : home obj) 40) ) )
See also +Url, +HttpField, +TelField and +TextField.
+Map is normally used with the combo box version of the text fields. +Map does a two-way translation and uses a list of cons pairs for lookup. The values in the CARs are displayed in the GUI and are mapped internally to the values in the CDRs. The following code displays "One", "Two" and "Three" to the user but uses 1, 2 and 3 internally.


       (html 0 "+Map" "@lib.css" NIL
          (form NIL
             (gui '(+Map +TextField)
                '(("One" . 1) ("Two" . 2) ("Three" . 3))
                '("One" "Two" "Three") )
             (gui '(+Button) "Print"
                '(msg (val> (field -1))) ) ) ) )
See also +Fmt, +TextField.
+Mono is a style prefix class and is used to display text in a monospace font. Adds the css class "mono" to the element where this prefix class is used.

    (gui '(+Mono +TextField) 30)
Text entered in the textfield above is rendered in a monospace font.