+hint is a base class used to implement autocomplete functionality in the GUI. See +Hint, +Hint1, +Hint2, +DbHint and +Obj.
+Hint takes a function which is supposed to generate a list of matches for the argument string. See also +DbHint.
+Hint1 takes an expression that produces a list of all values to be used. Useful if there are not too many values, for example a small number of constant strings or a short DB selection.
+Hint2, "second hint", should be used in a field immediately after a +Choice- button, or after a +Hint1- field. It will then use the hint values of the preceding field. See also +Choice, +Hint1.
+HttpField stores a URL and creates a link to it in the gui.
,"Home page" (gui '(+E/R +HttpField) '(hp : home obj) 40)
See also +Url, +MailField, +TelField and +TextField.